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2013 Acura TL Remote Flip Key
Price: $159.47
Our Price: $114.99
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Item Condition: Brand New ; Refurbished (- $13.00)
Memory Number: Memory #1 ; Memory #2

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The 2013 Acura Tl remote key must be cut and programmed before it will work for your vehicle. Cutting and programming can be performed at a local automotive locksmith or dealership. There are no onboard programming instructions available for 2013 Acura Tl If you are unable to find anyone to cut the key for you, we offer a key cutting service for $29.95. Please visit this link Key cut service for more information. Please note: the cutting service does not include programming. You still need to visit a local automotive locksmith or dealership for programming. This remote key comes with a new battery Installed and is tested for functionality before sending. This Remote head key comes with 4 buttons and if you look on the back of the unit, you may see some of these numbers: MLBHLIK-1T - 2500A-HLIK1T COFETEL: RLVHOHL06-297, HLIK-1T/HLIK-1R - 314 Mhz . Use these numbers to confirm that your Remote head key will match this product and that it will work for your vehicle.