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HUMMER Keyless remotes and transponder chip keys

If you drive a Hummer, you are using a Hummer chip key. These keys contain an electronic chip; Hummer will not start if it does not sense the presence of that chip, which decreases the incidence of auto theft. Your Hummer remote keyless entry system will not respond to any remote but a Honda one remote. If you need a second key or if you lose the one you have, you can purchase a replacement key from the manufacturer or from a vendor who specializes in programming Hummer replacement remotes and keys. Your Hummer replacement key can be equipped with a new chip to communicate with your specific vehicle.

We also offer a huge selection of keyless entry remotes (key fobs, clickers or car remotes). FREE programming procedures for both keys and remotes are provided, when applicable, with purchase!! Get your replacement spare keys here and save yourself from dealership prices. Having trouble finding your keyless entry remote, car key or chip key on our site? We may have your car key or your car remote in our inventory, all with the lowest price possible. Just give us a call and we can help locate what you are looking for! We do frequency testing on all remote keyless entry ( RKE ) and car remotes before shipping. We also test all chip keys and transponder keys to make sure they are sending correct signals and will work with your vehicle. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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