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Why buy from us?

Return Policy

How much is shipping and how long does it take?

How can I find the right key or remote for my vehicle?

Do you guarantee these keys/remotes to work?

When will you ship my item?

How do I get this key to work for my vehicle?

Where do I get this key cut and programmed?

Why do your keys look different from my original?

How can you cut my high security key?

How can I contact AutoTransponder?

What is a transponder?

What is eShopping?

I've received an error message stating that my credit card is invalid. What should I do?

Why is my online confirmation number different from my order number?

The reason behind is the internal process that we follow to track your order property through our system. You can use the assigned order number for future references to that purchase. read more...read more...
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