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Keeping your car under lock and key is a smart way to protect your investment. But having a smart key is a smart way to protect your comfort and peace of mind as well. Also called intelligent key, the smart key contributes to the same security that a traditional key would, and incorporates other features for your comfort and convenience. Car technology has come a long way in the last few years, and it?s amazing to see how so many of these features for security, comfort, and convenience can be controlled by something as small as your car?s key.
A smart key is so called because it can do so much more than a traditional key can. Traditional car keys are generally used for locking and unlocking doors, as well as for turning on the ignition of the car. Smart keys can do all of that and more. A good smart key can be used to arm and disarm alarms as well as lock and unlock doors, and can do both of these things with the simple click of a button instead of requiring two separate buttons for that function. This way, you?ll be more likely to remember to turn on your car?s security features.
You can also incorporate features into your car key that contribute to your comfort and convenience as well. For example, if you?ve got an armload of groceries to load into the car, you would usually have to walk to your car, set down your groceries, and then get out your keys and manually open the trunk of your car in order to begin loading groceries into it. With a smart key, you can have buttons that will automatically open the trunk for you, so that you can get to the car and load your groceries right in.
And you can increase your car?s security with a smart key, too. You can have a chip implanted in your key?s plastic head so that your car won?t start unless it detects the chip. A thief could possibly break into your car, but he won?t be able to steal it unless he has your key. Even if the thief knows how to hotwire a car, he won?t be able to make off with it. So even if the car alarm system doesn?t deter him, the chip transponder system will stop him in his tracks. Now, that?s smart.