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Many people have found themselves in the embarrassing position of losing their keys. If you?ve joined the ranks of the proud owners of a lost car key, try not to think of it as an embarrassing gaffe, but as an opportunity to improve on the technology of your car?s key. The main purpose of your keys might be to start the car?s ignition and lock and unlock the doors, but it can do so much more now than it ever has before, and do it much more conveniently and efficiently, too. Thanks to new key technologies, a car key can be a small wonder.


If you have a lost car key, you should think about a few things before you look to replace it. Think about the sorts of features you would like your new key to have. Think about buttons that can automatically open and close doors. Consider getting a transponder key that won?t let your car start unless it detects the chip embedded in the key?s head, an added security measure against the theft of your car. Consider getting a remote head key that integrates all of the controls for these features in the plastic head of your key.


These are all of the latest features being offered by automakers throughout the industry. If your car is an older model, then these features are probably all unheard-of luxuries for you. At the very least, you probably thought that you?d have to wait until you bought your next new car before you could even consider getting a car that had these key features. But, now, thanks to your lost car key, you can get them now, and at an affordable price without having to do too much work to get these features integrated into your car?s existing alarm and ignition systems.


Most people think it?s a great inconvenience to lose your keys, and it is, but you can take an inconvenient situation and make it into a positive situation by turning it into an opportunity to upgrade your car?s technology a bit. While no one wants to lose their keys, it might be just what you need to motivate you to update your car?s technology so that your car is up-to-date on the latest technology. Once you get your new, more technologically advanced keys, you?ll wonder how you ever got along without these convenient features. And you?ll have your lost car key to thank for it.