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When cars were first mass-manufactured, the ignition key to a car had three purposes: to start the car, prevent someone  from starting the car, and to lock and unlock the car. After so long, people began to forget that there was a time when you didn?t need a key to start a car. Nowadays, automakers have discovered new ways to provide security for a car; alarms keep it safe, chip transponders keep it from starting for unauthorized persons, and keyless entry can lock and unlock cars. There?s even keyless ignition to further lighten the load on your key chain.


But if you own an older model car, then an ignition key is a necessity. But just because you have a keyed ignition on your car doesn?t mean that you can?t  go  for ignition key replacement or have at least some of the convenient and technologically advanced features that many cars come standard with today. You can purchase separate key fobs and alarms that can be retrofitted into your car and you can even purchase new car  ignition  keys that have some of these features automatically integrated in the plastic head of the key so that you don?t need to carry a separate fob for the alarm.
There are many benefits to these types of systems. They increase security for your car. If there?s a microchip embedded in the ignition key to your car, then car thieves won?t be able to steal your car by hotwiring it. The car won?t start unless it detects the transponder. They can also increase the convenience of your car by featuring buttons on the alarm that will not only lock and unlock doors and arm and disarm your car alarm, but also open your trunk for you so that you don?t have to put down an armload of groceries in order to get the trunk open.


When you buy a new system, you?ll have to have the ignition  cut to fit your car?s existing ignition system, and you?ll also have to have the transponder and remote features programmed for your car. But this is simple to do; there are many automotive locksmiths that can do this for you for an affordable price. And you might be surprised that it?s not too expensive to purchase one of these systems for your car. In fact, it?s never been easier to update your car with features so that it?s up-to-date with the latest technology.