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By the 1990s, automotive manufacturers had widely begun offering car remotes as a standard feature on their vehicles. Instead of using the car key to lock and unlock the vehicle, you could both lock the car and arm the alarm system with the simple click of a button. You could even do this from a certain distance away from the car; you?didn't?have to walk all the way up to the car before unlocking it. This?wasn't?a vital, life-changing feature, but it certainly was convenient. You could unlock the car while you were still a ways away from it, so the kids could run ahead and get themselves in the car and put on their seat belts before you even got there.


These days, a car remote can do more than just lock the doors and arm the alarm. Certain remotes allow you to open and close doors and trunks. There?s a panic button so that, in case of an emergency, you can draw attention to your car. This is a level of convenience that seems nearly like a luxury. Many people are beginning to see these features as more than a convenience; they?re coming to expect such features when they begin shopping for a car.


Just because you own a car that?s an older model?doesn't?mean that you can?t also enjoy these convenient features. You can buy a car remote system and have it installed in your car. You can even order it online and just have it programmed. It?s inexpensive and easy to have done. Depending on the kind of remote you get, the installation could be fast and easy to have done so that you don?t have to be without your car for a very long time. It?s never been easier to upgrade your car.


Even if you already have a remote car alarm, you can improve upon your current system so that it?s more convenient that you ever imagined possible. You can purchase a car remote that is located in the plastic head of the key so that you don?t have to carry a separate key fob. You can purchase car remotes with features that your original remote may not have come with. In any case, it?s easy and affordable to upgrade the way you lock, unlock, and even enter your car. Even if you bought your car a while ago, it?s possible to update it.