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If you think about it, it?s pretty amazing that such a small component is so integral to the function of something as large as a car. But without a car key, you can?t get into a car, much less turn the ignition so that it goes. The key of the car has long been a vital part of the car?s security and its running, but today?s technology can allow it to be much more convenient than the first car keys that were introduced. It can be more convenient than ever to get in and out of your car, and keep it safe.


Back when car alarms were first introduced, they came with a separate key fob that had remote controls for the alarm on it. You could lock your car and arm the alarm with the simple click of a button on the remote. These days, remotes have even more features, allowing you to open and close doors and even the trunk of the car with the buttons. And you don?t even need a separate key fob anymore; these remote buttons can often be integrated into the plastic head of the car key itself so that you don?t need to carry a bulky key fob in addition to your key.


You can even introduce further car security features on your car key. You can install a transponder system. A microchip can be embedded in the head of your key. If your engine doesn't detect the chip, then it won?t start, even if a thief knows how to hotwire your car. Without the key, the thief won?t be able to start your car in order to drive it away. This is just an added measure of protection to keep a simple break-in from becoming something as serious as a full-on car theft.


Never before has a car key been able to do so much for a car. Not only does it deter theft; it can now prevent theft. Not only can it unlock doors; it can open them for you. And all of this technology can be contained in a key compact enough so that you can keep your keys in your pocket. As car and key technologies continue to advance, it?s hard to imagine how it could possibly get any better. But, for now, it?s inexpensive and easy to update your car with the latest and most convenient features available.