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Car technology has come a long way in the last few years. Thanks to modern science and engineering, car designers?have?been able to incorporate features into today?s automobiles, some of them standard features, that would have seemed like magic to the owners of the first cars that were sold to the public. There are measures to increase a car?s safety, security, comfort, and convenience, and many of them are included in today?s cars so that they feel like a necessity rather than a luxury. And these innovations?aren't?just limited to the cars themselves. Even automotive keys have improved in their technology over the last few years. Integrated key is now available which combines several useful features.


Automotive keys can now boast several features that improve on the convenience of owning a car. Instead of having to fumble for the right key on a ring of keys and then take the time to turn it in the lock, you can simply click a button and unlock all of the doors to your car. None of your other passengers have to wait for you to get in and unlock the door, which means that you don?t have to wait as long for everyone to get it and secure their seat belts so that you can go.


You can even open doors with certain buttons, now. Instead of simply unlocking the doors for you, there are now buttons that will unlock and open sliding minivan doors, as well as car trunks. This allows for unparalleled convenience for tasks as mundane as loading and unloading groceries from your car. And once you?ve finished unloading, you don?t even need to return to the car to close the trunk. You can simply get within range of your car and click the button, and the car will close itself. Automotive keys have never been this easy to use.


Today, automotive keys are integrated with security features. With a transponder key, you can prevent thieves from stealing your car, even if they?re able to break in. A transponder key has a chip secretly embedded in the plastic head of the key, preventing the engine from turning on unless it senses the presence of the key and a legitimate user. These features can all be incorporated into the head of the key itself so that you don?t need to carry around a separate key fob, either. Whether you own a Lexus, Mercury, or Jaguar, these features can be yours.