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2011 Toyota 4-Runner 3 Button Smart Entry Key with Emergency Blade

2011 Toyota 4-Runner Key Smart - Intelligent Fob Larg Image
Price: $209.99
Code: TOY4814864
Manufacturer Code: 89904-35010

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A 2011 Toyota 4-Runner smart key will need to be programmed to your vehicle before it will work for you. Programming can only be done at a local automotive locksmith or dealership, where they will also be able to cut the emergency key blade to match your original. There are no onboard programming instructions for 2011 Toyota 4-Runner smart keys. They can only be programmed using special diagnostic equipment. This smart key comes with a brand new battery and is tested for functionality before sending. This Smart key comes with 3 buttons and if you look on the back of the unit, you may see some of these numbers: HYQ14ACX - 1551A-14ACX - 315 Mhz . Use these numbers to confirm that your Smart key will match this product and that it will work for your vehicle.
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