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1998 and Up Ford Keys

WORKS FOR: 1998 and up Ford, Linclon & Mercury Transponder Keys.

To program new keys by yourself, you must have 2 already programmed, working keys. If you only have 1 working key, programming must be done at a professional locksmith shop or the dealership!

1. Insert first existing key into the ignition cylinder.

2. Turn the key to ON position (Do NOT start the engine!). Wait until the security light turns off.

3. Turn key back to OFF and remove from ignition.  Within five seconds, insert second existing key and turn it to ON, then back OFF.

4. Insert the new key within 10 seconds. Turn to ON, leave for one second and turn back to OFF position.

5. The security light will light up for three seconds to indicate that the new key has been successfully programmed.


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